Sr.  No. Year Milestone Description
 1 1970 The foundation stone of AKI’s Poona College of Arts, Science & Commerce was laid at the hands of the honourable Dr. Rafiq Zakaria (Minister of Health and Aukaf, Maharsahtra) on 23rd March 1970.
 2 1974 The Munir Fazelbhoy Library and Reading Room was inaugurated by Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah(Shere Kashmir) on 20th January 1974 (Sunday).
 3 1977 College started M.Com. in Commerce Faculty
 4 1979 Late Dr. Rafiq Zakaria (Former M.P. and Education Minister) visited Poona College Library.
 5 1979-80 New Library Building constructed with the aid of UGC and generous donation of Mr. Ahmad Mr. Fazalboy.
 6 1980 Veteran Actor and Supreme Super Star M. Yousuf Khan (Mr. Dilip Kumar) visited Poona College Library.
 7 1980 M.A. Urdu/Economic started in Arts Faculty
 8 1983 V.N. Gadgil (Minister of State for Communication) visited Poona College Library.
 9 1988 Dr. Ishaq Jamkhanawala (Minister Urban Development & Aukaf, Maharshtra) visited Poona College Library.
 10 1995 Silver Jubilee Celebrated after completion of 25 years of succesfull journey.
 11 1995 M.A. English started in Arts Faculty.
 12 1995 M.Sc. Chemistry started in Science Faculty.
 13 1995 M.Sc. Computer Science started and inaugurated by Mr. Rangoonwala, chairman World Memon Foundation.
 14 2004 Poona College accredited with ‘A’ Grade by NAAC.
 15 2004 Ph.D. in Commerce started
 16 2006 P.K. Deshmukh (Collector Pune) visited Poona College Library.
 17 2007 M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Chemistry
 18 2007-08 M.Phil. In Economics started.
 19 2008 Dr. Satyapal Singh (Commissioner of Police, Pune) visited Poona College Library.
 20 2008-09 B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration) and B.C.A. (Bachelor of Computer Application) started in Commerce Faculty.
 21 2010 Mohammed Abdul Aziz Al-Khwaza (Counsulate General Bahrain) visited Poona College Library.
 22 2012 Ph.D. in Economics started.
 23 2014 Abdur Rehman (IPS) visited Poona College Library.
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